Are you in the process of selling your home but aren’t sure if there’s anything left you can do to raise its value? Fortunately, there are several things that homeowners can fix up or replace to help them sell their property for a higher price. To learn what you can fix, let’s look at four of the easiest ways to increase home value.


Many people believe that one of the easiest ways to increase home value is by fixing all of the outdated paint jobs by applying a fresh coat — in fact, some sources claim that repainting parts of your home can increase its sales price by up to 5%. Even outdated walls can look brand new when they’re covered in a shiny new layer of paint, so you should definitely consider making a trip to the local hardware store if you’re preparing to put your home on the market.

Not only is repainting a home easy enough to do on your own, but it’s relatively inexpensive too. If you want to spend less money, focus on smaller rooms that require fewer buckets of paint. It’s also a good idea to opt for more warm and neutral colors that appeal to a broader audience rather than bolder hues.

Light Fixtures

Another one of the easy ways to improve home value is by fixing old light fixtures or replacing them with new ones. Buyers are looking for both visual appeal and functionality, meaning that a home with bright and working lights can help improve its price, even if it’s just by a little. Not to mention, a home with broken or dysfunctional lighting can appear unwelcoming and leave a bad first impression. Consider choosing long-lasting light bulbs like LED lighting, as well as those which are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.


Kitchen remodels are a popular choice for improving a home’s value because of how high the return on investment can be. Unfortunately, many renovation projects, such as installing modern appliances and replacing countertops, can be both expensive and time-consuming. However, fixing broken and decayed cabinets is one of the easiest ways to increase home value — and it is less costly as well. New, white cabinets can make your kitchen more attractive and can even improve your property’s resale value by quite a bit.


Because it’s the first part of your property that homebuyers will see, curb appeal is of utmost importance when selling a house. Fortunately, if your landscaping is in disarray, fixing it up is among the easiest ways to increase home value. Trimming the grass, removing any fallen branches, planting new flowers, removing dead and decaying plants, and adding new mulch are just a few methods of repairing the visual appeal of your landscaping. Plus, a lot of these landscaping updates can be done by yourself.

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